“Rescued Kitten from Drain Still in Precarious Condition, Thanks to Laborers’ Efforts”

The P.E.I. Humane Society has taken in an adorable new kitten that was discovered in a very concerning state. According to Jennifer Harkness, the development and communications officer for the organization, they received a call early on Monday morning from someone at a local construction site. Apparently, one of the workers heard the sound of meowing coming from somewhere nearby. Upon investigating, they found a tiny female kitten that was stuck in a drainage system with her head lodged in a large water basin drain. Thanks to the quick thinking of the worker who found her, the kitten is now in the capable care of the P.E.I. Humane Society.


When the humane society finally arrived to help rescue a stranded kitten, workers had already attempted to free it using soap to lubricate the hole, but with no success. The kitten was in a fragile state and urgently needed to be rescued. With the guidance of a shelter manager from the humane society, workers carefully cut through the plastic, being careful not to injure the kitten’s neck. As they worked, one worker held the kitten up to ensure its safety and comfort.


According to Harkness, a member of the staff at the shelter administered fluids to the cat because they were concerned about its health. The cat had a plastic basin drain pipe stuck around its neck, but with the help of construction workers, they were able to remove it and transport the cat. The cat was taken to the Atlantic Veterinary College where they safely removed the remaining plastic and gave the cat fluids. The cat was also given a shave and ensured to be in a stable condition before being returned to the shelter later that day.


The duration of the cat’s entrapment remains a mystery. According to Harkness, the feline was struggling and her survival beyond another day seemed uncertain had someone not heard her meowing. Pisces is the given name of the rescued cat, inspired by one of the water-based zodiac signs. Although still a bit timid due to minimal socialization, Pisces is reportedly improving and consuming food and water without issues. A foster home will soon house the cat for monitoring before being put up for adoption if everything proceeds smoothly.


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