“Rescuing a Chilly Feline: The Heartwarming Tale of a Stranded Kitten on a Windowsill”

On a chilly Monday evening of January 2, Elsa the kitten was taken to The Humane Society of Utah’s Foster Department. The kitty was found frozen to a blanket on a window sill in West Jordan, Utah. Deann Shepherd from the Humane Society of Utah stated that Elsa was brought in icy cold and barely alive. One of their veterinarians immediately started working towards bringing Elsa’s temperature back to normal. They provided her with warm fluids to rehydrate and placed her on a heating blanket to warm her up. Gradually, Elsa started responding to the treatment and regained her strength. Elsa was approximately 8-10 weeks old and had frostbites on the tips of her ears. The staff at the facility took care of her overnight, and the next morning, Elsa woke up and began meowing.

It was touch and go whether she would survive the night, but thankfully she pulled through. Although she is on the thin side and has frostbite on her ear tips, Elsa is keeping her chin up.
She’s been named Elsa by our carers as she loves singing to attract visitors to her kennel.

The adorable kitty has bid goodbye to the facility and is now on her way to a new home with her foster family. These lovely folks will take care of her until she’s strong enough to undergo spaying and then get adopted. From what we hear, she’s happily munching on some wet food and seems to be thriving in her new environment!

Every day, Elsa is making progress and becoming healthier. Her foster mom, Stephanie Beller, ensures that she receives the necessary medication and supplements on a daily basis. Elsa is filled with love and affection, and she happily kneads her paws. Beller keeps her in the same room as her hedgehogs because Elsa is still feeling cold, and this particular room is the warmest in the house according to Beller, as quoted by Love Meow.

Beller expressed how amiable Elsa is and how much she enjoys nudging her hands and using her small paws to knead. Elsa has successfully endured the harsh weather and is currently on the road to recovery. She eagerly anticipates getting better soon and discovering a permanent residence to call her own.

Elsa, the adorable little one, is experiencing pure bliss as she basks in the warmth and affection showered upon her with utmost care. This heartening news comes straight from the Humane Society of Utah, who have been instrumental in providing Elsa with a shelter and a loving family.

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