Reviving the Timeless Elegance of Art Deco: Bringing the Alluring Style into Your Home Interiors

These two luxurious homes showcase the beautiful and refined art deco style through a blend of 1920s and 1930s design motifs with modern elements. The interiors ooze opulence and glamour with sleek geometric and stylized forms that boldly contrast against chic marble floors, decorative screens, panel walls, and modern lighting fixtures. The high-end home accessories add to the luxurious feel of the spaces. One home features sophisticated gold and brass accents while the other boasts jewel tones against a black and white backdrop, creating captivating character.

Let’s take a stroll through a luxurious villa in Saudi Arabia for our first home interior tour. The art deco inspired furniture and decorative panels provide a unique shape to the overall design. A massive modern chandelier illuminates the lounge area with a golden hue, creating a stunning effect. This gold accent is carried throughout the villa, adding a touch of glitz and glamour to the decor scheme.

A side table in the charming art deco style adds a touch of elegance to the space, with its brass finish serving as a striking contrast against the soft grey and antique rose hues of the sofas.

The art deco theme is carried on by the stylish sofa table made of wood and brass. To add to the vintage feel, decorative candles are placed in fluted glass containers which were quite popular in the 1920s and ’30s.

The second lounge has a modern and streamlined appearance with boxy grey sofas and chairs. The room is accentuated by an entire wall of neatly aligned bookshelves that are recessed within the walls, creating a clean and organized look.

Incorporating distinct end tables can bring a playful touch to your living space. These tables not only add curves to your furniture arrangement, but they also introduce some cozy brass elements that complement the exquisite brass trims on your sofa.

The lounge area is adorned with brass side tables that are strategically placed in every available space. These small tables serve every seat in the room, making it easy to place drinks and other items. Additionally, the tables add an elegant touch to the decor with their collection of exquisite accessories on display.

At every corner, luxurious vibes are created through the use of black and white marble accents.

An inviting space has been created using sophisticated tan leather furnishings and striking black and white photographic artwork.

Positioned near the window for optimum lighting, a comfortable swivel chair upholstered in leather provides the perfect spot for reading.

A massive table that can accommodate twenty diners sits in a posh dining area illuminated by an impressive chandelier.

The wall with a gold finish serves as the centerpiece, showcasing art deco designs that make it more captivating and fascinating.

A beautiful centerpiece is formed by a tall vase filled with vibrant tropical plants and surrounded by clusters of candles. The overall look is relaxed yet sophisticated.

As we step into the main bedroom, we are greeted by a stylish paneled wallcovering that adorns the walls. The soft and plush rug in the room is carefully selected to include hints of sapphire blue that beautifully complement the neutral grey and white base palette. To create a cozy atmosphere, the room is furnished with wooden pieces that exude warmth and comfort.

The home office area is backed by wooden slats, which add a touch of trendy texture and make a bold statement.

The trendy arch pattern seamlessly blends with the structured art deco style in home décor, and is showcased in this bedroom through a stylish lamp placed on the bedside table.

The second bedroom flaunts blue accents in the form of a carpet and throw pillows that perfectly match.

To create two distinct reading areas, two shapely lounge chairs have been placed on either side of the window. Accompanying them are circular side tables and pendant lights, all designed to enhance the cozy atmosphere.

A charming bedside unit is adorned with brass art deco details and topped off with a one-of-a-kind wall light.

The bathroom design with a touch of luxury and art deco is simply remarkable. The double sink vanity area is adorned with brass flutes, complemented by an exquisite chandelier that captures attention. An art deco door handle leads to the WC, while fluted glass panels create a beautiful reflective pattern.

Updating the look of your bathroom can be easily achieved by incorporating brass faucets. They not only add a modern touch but also introduce a sleek silhouette to your space.

Our second art deco inspired home interior boasts a spacious living room with an eye-catching geometric patterned area rug. Adding to the charm of the room, we have installed metalwork art deco screens which now serve as a decorative room divider.

The living room exudes a rich and vibrant atmosphere with the presence of a teal-colored sofa. The addition of an art deco coffee table also adds a touch of elegance with its shiny brass finish.

The flooring design in the house is truly mesmerizing, featuring a pattern of black and white marble inlay work that extends seamlessly from the front entrance of the house to the kitchen area.

Creating a stylish feature wall for your TV can be achieved with the use of panel moulding. This decorative technique adds dimension and texture to the wall, creating an interesting visual backdrop for your media center.

The art deco-inspired design of the lounge chairs is accentuated by their striking teal color.

The entrance of the building has storage units that have a unique fluted texture which is inspired by art deco design.

The hallway leading to the bedrooms boasts beautiful art deco details at its end.

By creating an aperture in the dividing wall that separates the living and eating areas, a spacious and uninterrupted ambiance is achieved, while also establishing a distinct demarcation between these two functional spaces.

Introducing a sizable wall mirror into your dining space can wonderfully enhance the room’s natural lighting, while also providing a beautiful reflection of your exquisite dining set and sparkling crystal chandelier.

As you enter the dining room, your eyes are drawn towards the luxurious kitchen that boasts stunning black and gold cabinets. The seamless transition between the two spaces adds to the overall elegance of the area.

The dining area exudes a neutral vibe with its fawn-coloured chairs, while the kitchen bursts with life as it flaunts emerald green bar stools that serve as a pop of vibrant colour.

The kitchen island becomes a real attention-grabber with its impressive blend of shiny black cabinets, bright gold accents, and luxurious emerald upholstery on the furniture.

The fantastic impact is further enhanced by the impressive flooring surface.

The art deco design is evident on the black gloss wall cabinets with gold trims behind the kitchen island.

At the far end of the dining room, there is a stunning console table made of gold and marble that immediately catches the eye. Placed strategically, it highlights a beautiful piece of wall art, which adds a pop of color to the room.

The gleaming marble floor is enlivened by the playful dance of sunlight streaming in through the expansive windows.

A sharp bathroom design is formed through the use of a timeless black and white color scheme.

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