Saving a Stranded Dog in the Sewer: Giving Him a Fighting Chance to Survive

A group of kind souls rescued a helpless dog and some adorable kittens from a sewer where they were abandoned. The poor animals were struggling to survive in the dirty environment, but luckily they were found just in time. They are currently fighting to recover their health and gain strength.

In a heartening rescue tale that unfolded in the outskirts of Oktyabrskoye village, towards Elista, a feeble canine was found living in a sewer for several weeks. Along with the pooch, the rescue squad also came across two kittens, but unfortunately, one of them had already breathed its last.

A group of volunteers from Ipatovo rushed to the site to rescue the animals from the unforgiving weather conditions that could have led to their demise. The dog they found was frail and enervated, but thanks to the collective efforts of the team, they were able to save her. Among the kittens they rescued was a 5-6 month old female named Alice who bore a collar mark on her neck. She had been pushed to the brink of exhaustion before being left behind in the field with her companion.

Alice, who was unwell, happily welcomed the rescuers by wagging her tail and sniffling their hands. She was transported to the hospital and provided with regular medication and food to help her regain her strength. Alice made progress and put on 500 grams, and she was in better health. However, she still requires a loving family to adopt her.

The touching story of this rescue demonstrates the significance of displaying kindness and empathy towards every creature, regardless of their size or apparent value. It’s our responsibility to lend a hand to those who are helpless and provide them with the opportunity to enjoy a joyful and satisfying existence.

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