“Seamless Indoor-Outdoor Living: A Contemporary Abode with Breathtaking Landscapes”

ADDARC has designed the Toorak Residence, a sleek and modern 1227 square meter home located at the end of a quiet cul-de-sac in Melbourne, Australia. This two-story concrete and glass structure boasts a minimalist aesthetic with touches of luxury throughout. While the exterior is understated, the interior offers spacious living areas outfitted with high-end furniture in a simple color scheme of black, charcoal, and deep brown. The contrast between these dark colors and the bright terrace creates a dramatic effect. Additionally, an outdoor living space seamlessly connects with the indoor areas, allowing for easy flow and access to the swimming pool that sits at the edge of the patio amid a lush modern landscape.

The contemporary exterior of the house stands tall above a light-colored concrete wall. The house number is etched onto the rough surface of the wall, adding to its unique look. As the sun sets, exterior lights showcase this beautiful feature.

At the beginning of a smooth gray walkway, a striking black entranceway stands out.

The interlocking stones in the plot are adorned with a lush layer of grass, creating a beautiful green carpet effect.

At the bottom of the concrete perimeter, the garden boasts well-manicured plant beds while the tree canopies peek out from the courtyard.

The top level of the building is covered in a sparkling layer of glass that catches the sunlight during the day.

As soon as you step through the concrete barrier, a breathtaking green landscape greets you. The sun’s rays dance upon the leaves, casting ever-changing shadows onto a sleek black entrance.

In present-day landscaping, designers use repetition to bring about a feeling of clean consistency and impactful differentiation.

The front door is a remarkable piece of woodwork, with the ability to pivot smoothly. As you enter, the area makes a powerful statement with its use of slatted black japan stained timber, creating a dramatic effect that is complemented by the black granite floor tiles.

The hallway leads to various rooms that maintain a dark color scheme. However, the interior doesn’t lack vibrancy as it is adorned with bright and colorful art pieces. The art collection features several renowned artists like Michael Armstrong, Richard Stringer, Dale Frank, and many others, bringing life to the space.

The subdued colors and simple shapes of the interior design allow for the smaller details to stand out. The plants, in particular, seem to sparkle like vibrant gems as they emerge from the shadows.

The modern colonnade bordering the terrace comes to life with the addition of climbers. The greenery’s tendrils create a beautiful connection between the patio and the surrounding verdant scenery.

The outdoor terrace serves as the heart of the household, acting as both a place for relaxation and a spot for enjoying meals in the open air. The expansive patio is split into two distinct sections – one for lounging and the other for dining – ensuring that there is enough room for everyone, including visitors.

The serene lap pool extends beyond the primary outdoor living area, radiating a vibrant shade of blue, beckoning with its refreshing coolness.

The patio area is surrounded by lush plant borders, which give it a natural touch.

The double-height gallery is illuminated by the interplay of sunlight and shade, creating a beautiful sight on the landscaped oasis. The aesthetic of the covered balcony area is also reflected on the floor above.

The house design is protected from harsh weather with its sturdy gray pillars and shutters that create a prominent vertical pattern.

The striking design of the building stands out in sharp contrast to the serene curves and movements of the natural environment surrounding it.

The use of massive stone installations and concrete that’s sculpted on site creates a powerful visual effect that’s full of fascination.

The luxurious furniture in the open-air lounge stands out with its modern design, creating a striking contrast against the dim setting.

The terrace tiles are home to thriving shrubs and small trees, thanks to the huge outdoor planters that serve as their beds.

Just at the bend, a contemporary sculpture adds a touch of playful surprise.

The massive glass doors on the ground floor of the house are designed to rotate, allowing for optimal air circulation inside the home. Moreover, they offer a scenic view of the surrounding landscape and beckon visitors to explore the area.

The smaller and more intimate rooms provide a cozy and peaceful atmosphere for those who want to spend some time alone. The luxurious furnishings are covered in dark decor, giving it a classic and enduring charm.

As one gazes into the darkness, various intriguing objects catch the eye, accompanied by shiny brass light fixtures. The black marble wall is adorned with white veins that resemble lightning bolts in a starless sky.

The spacious formal living room boasts a sleek, contemporary white couch that creates a striking contrast against the black wall adornments and polished granite flooring.

The terrace looks livelier with the addition of white scatter cushions on the charcoal outdoor sofa.

The dining area is massive and looks quite formal. It has contemporary chairs that can accommodate up to eighteen individuals. The table is also quite long, and to light it up properly, there are modern brass fixtures hanging above it.

The peacock-themed decoration is an ideal choice for creating a vibrant and opulent dining table centerpiece that perfectly complements the grand atmosphere of the room. To enhance the overall look, the parquetry flooring is treated with a dark stain that perfectly matches the built-in cabinetry and wall paneling.

Get inspired by stunning marble kitchens that feature a sleek white marble island and backsplash, creating a sharp contrast against the darker interior design.

The bedroom’s opulent design showcases an intricate blend of carefully chosen artworks and elegant furnishings. Soft velvet pillows are a seamless match with a deep petrol blue channel tufted bench at the end of the bed. The headboard is meticulously paired with a breathtakingly beautiful marble fireplace wall, exhibiting a perfect book-match pattern.

The upper floor of the house has a unique layout with the master bedroom being separated from the other bedrooms by a glass bridge. This bridge is situated above the home entryway, allowing for plenty of natural light to flood in through the clear glass bricks. An interesting design element is added with a custom pendant light that creates a sculptural outline.

The installation of glass brick walls is a great way to brighten up small areas and stairwells with natural light. These walls also offer a view of the outdoor surroundings and allow one to observe the weather changes.

The lower floor of the house boasts various luxurious amenities such as a welcoming guest suite, an impressive home theater room, a well-stocked wine cellar and tasting room. Additionally, there’s a wellness area with top-notch equipment including a gym to stay fit, and relaxing spaces like sauna and steam rooms for unwinding after a long day.

The property features private gardens that create a barrier between the house and the parking area.

The ivy gracefully drapes down from one level to another.

Garden follies can be found in the company of carefully selected and unique trees.

Let’s take a look at the layout of the basement.

The plan for the upper floor.

Take a look at the floor plan for the ground level of the house and also be sure to watch our home tour video:

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