Spruce up your living space with the trendy Japandi decor and create an adorable kids’ room.

These modern home interiors are inspired by chic Scandinavian decor, with an elegant touch of Asian influence. Designed by Elemental Design, they boast functional open plan living spaces perfect for contemporary families. Each apartment is united by a stylish archway motif, warm natural wood tones, and crisp white colors. Practical storage ideas utilize small hallways and entryways, while bedrooms are multifunctional with dressing areas and home workspaces. The kids’ rooms are compact and cute, featuring fun ideas for closets, built-in bookcases, bespoke beds, desks, and adorable decor.

In one of the three interior designs we’re featuring, you’ll notice a lovely warm tan accent thread woven throughout the space. This thread is particularly striking when paired with natural wood tone elements. Additionally, a colour-coordinated Leon: The Professional print adds balance to a recessed shelving niche. To keep things sleek and modern, a tan ottoman section has been incorporated into the sofa. Finally, Around coffee tables designed by Thomas Bentzen for Muuto keep things monochromatic while a Scandinavian rug adds a touch of geometric pattern.

The contemporary interior is completed with stylish arches and racetrack shaped motifs. The lounge is adorned with a modern and distinct chandelier that has frosted orbs hanging from it.

A television stand with a Scandi-inspired design incorporates a sleek blend of white aesthetic and smooth wood grain. The main feature, however, is the Asian altar shelf positioned above the TV screen. A charming archway with wood accents leads to the two bedrooms.

By combining racetrack shaped screens with a sideboard, a creative and practical storage-filled partition has been created to separate the dining area from the bathroom entrance.

The dining area is conveniently equipped with a wine storage cabinet and a sleek black retro-style fridge-freezer, providing easy access to refreshments and ice.

The kitchenette is situated on the opposite side of the refrigerator, and it is quite petite in size. The wooden lower cabinets add a cozy touch to the mostly white design theme, while the white upper cabinets provide an illusion of more space.

The cozy master bedroom features a comfortable upholstered bed and a lovely woven rug that adds a touch of grey to the space. The white painted headboard wall is accentuated by a wood effect panel that cleverly connects the bed to a floating dressing table. To complete the two-tone effect, a charming round vanity mirror serves as a stylish bridge between the two.

The white wardrobes that have been incorporated into the design provide a sleek and simple look to the area around the bed.

The adorable children’s room is adorned with green touches. The unique headboard, featuring a curved design, is also coated in a lush green hue. To brighten up the nightstand, a charming Aballs pendant lamp, created by Jaime Hayon for Parachilna, provides a warm and cozy glow.

Customized wardrobes for children feature a combination of smooth white wooden surfaces and textured ribbed elements.

Next to the custom-made children’s bed is a Scandinavian-inspired desk. The bed design includes a long base that doubles as toy storage and bookshelves. The cupboards have a unique touch with mountain shapes painted in green on the doors.

Our next interior design highlight showcases a contemporary cottage apartment. The graceful arc of a floor lamp perfectly complements the trendy curvature of the arched wall moulding, positioned stylishly behind a sleek, low Japanese-style sofa.

The TV stand mounted on the wall combines modern and traditional styles, featuring a natural wood finish and screened door inserts. Above it, a floating Buddhist altar shelf complements the split two-color wall design. The ceiling fan adds a touch of elegance to the wooden accents. For more distinctive ceiling fans, check out our collection.

The elegance of the white and beige woven area rug is accentuated by a striking black marble coffee table. Additionally, there is another coffee table that matches beautifully with a wooden counterpart.

A variety of decorative pillows are arranged on the white sofa to create a harmonious blend of different tones.

The cozy lounge area is perfectly complemented by a stylish Asiatic accent chair that sits low to the ground.

Moving seamlessly from the lounge to the dining space, an archway made of timber framing creates an inviting entrance into the interconnected kitchen.

A room divider made of a see-through material is used to create a practical entryway for the house. The warm and inviting atmosphere of this space is achieved by using natural wood and rattan finishes.

The kitchen provides ample room for the entire family to come together during meal preparations and while dining at the peninsula. For further ideas on white and wood themed kitchens, check out our inspiration gallery.

As we step into the primary sleeping quarters of this lovely residence, our eyes are treated to a delightful atmosphere of openness and brightness created by the combination of pure white walls and sturdy oak furnishings. A floating TV stand made of oak wood perfectly complements the bed base while a similar makeup table stands gracefully next to the window.

The headboard of the platform bed is designed to complement the makeup table, creating a seamless look. A round mirror is positioned delicately over the vanity area, while an eye-catching Matisse art print adorns the wall above the bed.

A small pendant light for the bedroom shines brightly on a beautifully crafted wooden bedside table. A stylish dressing area is created by combining custom wardrobes with an Eames-designed walnut stool made by Herman Miller.

Adding a transparent vase to your bedroom’s TV wall can instantly brighten up the room with a touch of nature. The greenery inside the vase will breathe life into the space and create a refreshing atmosphere.

Adorable wall decorations for children exude a positive vibe, adding to the charm of a bed and desk combo mounted onto the wall.

The compact suspended workstation is situated perfectly in line with a curved shelving unit nestled amongst the series of wardrobes, providing easy access to academic materials. Additionally, a wooden strip harmoniously extends the table’s surface onto the adjacent white closets.

Curved cubbies with arch shapes are perfect spots to display your favorite plushies, cherished belongings, and additional reading materials. Discover more creative ideas on how to include stylish arches in your living spaces.

The home office boasts dual workstations that are graced with ample natural light pouring in from two towering windows.

Conveniently designed storage units can conceal both office materials and bulky household items, while distinctive bookshelves showcase decorative objects.

Let’s start the last home tour of this series with a chic living room that may be small but definitely doesn’t lack style. The armless sofa design not only looks great, but it also saves space. Adding to the overall aesthetic is the eye-catching 1-Arm Rotating Sconce designed by Serge Mouille in a bold black color.

The couch area is adorned with a unique 3D wall art installation that creates gentle arches overhead. To complement the curves, a stylish set of circular nesting coffee tables are placed nearby. Meanwhile, a striking geometric print rug is added to create a sharp contrast and bring an extra layer of style to the space.

Next to the television stand, there is a circular ottoman which can be used as an extra seat or a footrest that can be moved around. The addition of plaid black and white throws gives a warm and cozy touch to the space.

The dining table is situated against the kitchen island in the compact open concept and is adorned with H&M style decorative vases that give a beautiful curved aesthetic. To complement the look, Asian-inspired dining chairs with curved wooden frames are added to the set.

Using a magazine rack attached to the wall is a convenient way to free up space on the floor.

The kitchen’s design, which features black, white, and wooden elements, blends in seamlessly with the relaxing ambiance of the living room.

The kitchen area is clearly distinguished from the rest of the living space by the use of black and white floor tiles.

Between two arched structures lies a cozy nook that resembles the shape of a race track.

One of the archways serves as a visual divider between the living area and the compact home entrance. Within this space, there are customized closets that come equipped with shoe cabinets, utilizing both the vertical and horizontal wall spaces expertly.

On the opposite side of the foyer, there are additional pieces of furniture such as more units, a shelf specifically designed for storing shoes, and a bench for seating. Additionally, the space is enhanced with decorative vases that provide an artistic flair.

The double bedroom exudes a contemporary vibe with its geometric bed set and well-coordinated rug. The overall look is clean and refreshing, perfect for those who want a modern touch in their sleeping space.

A swinging black wall sconce serves two purposes in the bedroom – illuminating the bed for reading and providing task lighting to the desk. Meanwhile, a set of floating shelves positioned above the workspace are adorned with books and decorative ornaments.

Several additional books are stored neatly below a window seat that is integrated into the architecture.

A chic bedroom chair is accentuated by a geometric print throw pillow, adding a touch of character to the piece. The dressing area is separated from the bedroom by an archway, which also serves as a striking entryway to the room.

A fancy vanity is incorporated within the white closets, featuring a striking wooden backdrop. The custom-made dressing table also boasts a one-of-a-kind arched mirror design.

The kids’ room is invigorated with pistachio green highlights. An adorable bear wall art piece provides a cheerful companion above an exclusive tonal green and wooden plank headboard design. The plank paneling extends throughout the entire room, concluding behind a kid’s desk, which has storage shelves in its base. A green accent nook accommodates a tower of wall shelves.

A bookcase with a touch of green has been incorporated into the kid’s wardrobe. It is located at the end and is attached to a custom-made platform bed that comes with storage drawers.

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