Stranded in the Cold: A Woman’s Survival Tale After Being Ejected from Her Vehicle

Last week, a pit bull mix named Emmy was left to fend for herself in sub-zero temperatures after her family abandoned her during a snowstorm in Ecorse, Michigan. Despite being elderly, Emmy managed to survive by curling up in a ball for warmth and waiting for help to arrive. Luckily, rescuers found her just as a light layer of snow began to cover her fur. According to Lauren Boesen, a board member for P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, “She had been outside for a day and a half in the bad weather,” enduring two-degree Fahrenheit temperatures and 30 mph winds. Currently, Emmy is under the care of P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue, but it took collaboration from multiple agencies to safely rescue her and provide her with vital medical attention.

The Friends of River Rouge Animal Shelter reached out for help on social media when they found out about Emmy’s condition. The director of The PAWS Clinic offered to take the dog to the vet after seeing the post. Emmy was taken to the Pet Care Clinic Lincoln Park by her owner where she received a thorough examination from a team of veterinarians. Unfortunately, Emmy was severely underweight which led everyone to believe that she wouldn’t survive. In addition to being underweight, Emmy also had fleas and pressure sores on her knees and elbows. It was estimated that Emmy was around 8 or 9 years old by veterinarian authorities.

Boesen revealed that Emmy had likely been confined to a cage for an extended period of time, indicating a troublesome past. Upon a more comprehensive examination, it was determined that Emmy required urgent medical attention and was promptly taken to an emergency veterinary hospital by the animal rescue team. The board members halted everything to retrieve her from the hospital and bring her to the emergency room, where she was discovered curled up in a ball in the back seat of the car. Within hours of being rescued from the icy road, Emmy received care from the compassionate emergency vet team who worked tirelessly to warm her up and promote healing of her wounds. The team quickly developed an attachment to the brave feline.

Boesen shared that Emmy was known as the most endearing pup who would excitedly wag her tail to greet everyone. After receiving proper care, Emmy’s condition stabilized, allowing her to be transferred to a foster family on Saturday morning. Boesen was pleasantly surprised by Emmy’s transformed behavior when she came to pick her up, just one day after her arrival. The once-sickly pup eagerly wagged her tail, greeted them, and even cried in delight while begging for more love and attention.

Boesen accompanied Emmy to P.O.E.T. Animal Rescue before taking her to her foster home. The rescue center became her new temporary home, where she quickly adjusted and made herself comfortable on the sofa. Boesen was surprised by how readily she adapted to her new surroundings. Luckily, Emmy was ready for a forever home, and an experienced foster family eagerly welcomed her with open arms.

Emmy’s current residence in a foster home is only temporary, but she’s already receiving the love and care that she’s always deserved. After being rescued, the adorable pup was found snuggled under a Christmas tree with her foster dog siblings, all dressed in matching holiday pajamas. In a few weeks, she’ll be prepared to leave her foster home, and her caretaker Boesen hopes that Emmy’s new family will provide her with a permanent home. Boesen believes that Emmy is the cutest girl ever and deserves nothing but the best.

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