The Forest Floor near Hamburg is Awash with Nine Gigantic Waves of Deadwood

In the autumn of 2020, Germany was bracing itself for a potential second wave of COVID-19. During this time, Jörg Glaeser, an artist and photographer, channeled his fear into a project that would showcase the immense power of nature. He aimed to create a piece that was both grand and impactful, highlighting the destructive force that brought one of the world’s wealthiest nations to a standstill. With his project, he aimed to highlight how a wave is a periodic disturbance or a unique change in the system’s state.

From November of last year until March of this year, Glaisher occupied his time in a countryside locale close to Hamburg. His task was to gather deceased trees and construct one massive pathway that reaches a height of four meters and a width of one meter. The ground beneath the pathway is adorned with fluctuating layers of bark and twigs. Whenever Glaisher made adjustments to the construction, he took note of it before deconstructing it to reuse its components. This endeavor transformed the landscape, giving the solitary pathway an organic presence.

Glaisher has been sharing his stories since the beginning of the pandemic, and they are just one part of a larger narrative. He has created several magazines and prints showcasing his diverse range of work, from photography to sculpture. His website and Instagram feature even more of his multimedia creations. (Image credit: The Honest Truth)


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