“The Heartbreaking Loyalty of a Dog: 3 Years of Devotion at a 2-Year-Old’s Grave Leaves Owner in Tears”

The touching story of a dog named Muc has recently gained attention after it was discovered that he had been guarding the grave of a 2-year-old baby boy for almost 3 years in Long An province. Muc’s behavior serves as evidence that animals are capable of feeling emotions and love. PV Legal News conducted research and found that Muc is owned by Mrs. Nguyen Thi Ut, a 58-year-old residing in hamlet 1, Tan Thanh commune, Tan Thanh district, Long An province. During a visit to her home in mid-November, Mrs. Ut shared the fascinating story with us. Her house is quite secluded and surrounded by the sea, making it difficult to access. However, Muc greeted us happily as if he recognized us. Mrs. Ut explained that Muc has become more courageous due to the recent influx of people coming to learn about him and take pictures. However, prior to this, Muc was fiercely protective of the house and would not allow strangers to enter.

Gia đình - Chú chó 3 năm nằm canh mộ em bé 2 tuổi khiến chủ nhân rơi nước mắt

According to the woman, the dog named Muc has been lying on her short-numbered grandson’s grave for almost three years now. The woman explained that when it is hot, Muc goes to their house to avoid the sun, but when it is cool outside, the dog returns to Kiet’s grave. Unfortunately, Kiet died by drowning in a canal before he could even turn three years old. Since then, Muc has not left the grave site for almost three years. The woman then showed us the grave covered in white marble slabs located in a field behind her house. She pointed to the lid of the tomb and mentioned that Muc lies on it with its head towards the head of the grave. The dog has been lying on the same spot for so long that it has left a permanent mark on the stone. Despite the scorching sun, Muc continues to lie on the grave. The woman tried to protect Muc from the sun by making a temporary roof using a coconut boat, but the dog still chooses to lie on the grave no matter the weather.

Gia đình - Chú chó 3 năm nằm canh mộ em bé 2 tuổi khiến chủ nhân rơi nước mắt (Hình 2).

Immediately after Mrs. Ut finished speaking, the Squid bolted out of the house and headed straight for the grave. Upon seeing its owner, the squid cheerfully wagged its tail and hopped onto the grave. It then lowered its head, rested its black muzzle on its front legs, and gazed off into the distance. Mrs. Ut fondly caressed the animal and praised it like a child, saying “Good squid!” According to her, every day, Squid lays on the grave until dinnertime, and only comes in to eat before returning to the grave to rest. This has been its daily routine for almost three years, unless there is heavy rain or strong winds which prevents it from finding shelter. “As a pet, it is incredibly devoted,” Ms. Ut added. Before he drowned, Kiet and Muc were best friends who did everything together. Confirming this, Mr. Nguyen Thanh Ro (Ket’s father) shared that when Ket was two years old, his father asked to adopt Squid. At the time, the dog was sickly, small, and malnourished, causing Ket’s mother to be initially wary of taking care of it. However, for some reason, Ket immediately took a liking to the pup, cuddling and playing with it all day long. Everywhere he went, he wanted to take Squid with him.

Gia đình - Chú chó 3 năm nằm canh mộ em bé 2 tuổi khiến chủ nhân rơi nước mắt (Hình 3).

Gia đình - Chú chó 3 năm nằm canh mộ em bé 2 tuổi khiến chủ nhân rơi nước mắt (Hình 4).

Mr. Re recounted how their dog, Squid, followed them to the burial site when they took their baby, Kiet, there. Squid remained in a corner of the field with its eyes fixed on the grave. After three days of building the grave, Squid was nowhere to be found in the house and was found lying on Kiet’s grave. Initially, Squid would lie there all day without making any noise, but Mr. Re could sense the sadness in its eyes. The family did not pay much attention to it at first, but after observing Squid lying on the grave multiple times without playing with other dogs, they realized that it had a special affection for Kiet. Even though Kiet has been gone for three years, Squid is still considered part of their family and will be buried near Kiet’s grave when it dies.

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