“The Heartwarming Tale of a Cyclist’s Feline Rescue During a Race”

A few months ago, a professional cyclist from the United States named Madison Kelly took part in a race held in South Chicago. During the event, some of the racers noticed a small kitten hiding under a parked car near the finish line. Despite their efforts to find someone who could take care of the kitten, no one came forward to help. Madison Kelly, an avid cat lover who had a pet cat at home, came to the rescue and offered to adopt the feline. The kitten seemed to take an instant liking to Madison and climbed onto her shoulder as soon as she picked him up.

The race may not have been won, but the girl was still rewarded with a precious little kitten. She named her new furry friend Pooch, an unusual name that translates from Latin as “pedestal of honor.” The girl couldn’t help but smile at the unexpected prize she had received.

As the young lady drove her car home with the kitten, Puig refused to sit on the seat and instead attempted to climb onto the steering wheel. Eventually, he settled on Madison’s lap and happily purred all the way home. It’s worth noting that transporting cats without carriers can be quite risky, and it’s recommended to always secure them in a carrier for their safety.

Madison brought the kitten home and took care of him by giving him a bath and feeding him. As a result, the kitten became more relaxed and affectionate.

Puig was a lively and mischievous cat. He loved to play with a dish sponge from the kitchen and would often carry it to his owner’s bed. Similarly, he would also grab her socks and proudly present them on her pillow as if they were his latest “catch”.

After a couple of weeks, Madison made up her mind to adopt another kitten from the shelter. Her aim was to provide company for Puchu, so that the latter won’t feel lonely anymore. It turned out to be a great decision as the two kitties became instant playmates.

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