“The Incredible Story of a Rescued Macaque and a Homeless Cat’s Unlikely Friendship”

Jojo, a monkey who seemed to have human-like qualities, was saved from a dire situation back in 2011.


Jojo spent a lengthy period as a captive in a Thai restaurant where he was treated as a mere object of amusement for guests to take pictures with. The staff of the eatery toyed around with him, while the poor animal spent most of his time confined in a small and uncomfortable cage.

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Fortunately, the macaque was saved by the Wildlife Friends Foundation of Thailand (WFFT). The creature required immediate and extensive care to rehabilitate properly.

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Jojo was able to become the head of a macaque group at a wildlife rescue center after six years. Throughout this period, the primate eventually regained consciousness and established a way to communicate with his fellow primates. However, the most noteworthy discovery was that he found his closest companion in the center – a stray feline named Alan.


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A few weeks back, a little boy named Alan came to the Newlands region and made his home with some monkeys, as per the foundation’s statement. The monkeys are sharing their food with him.

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Typically, those who advocate for animal rights are against situations like this, as wild animals should be with their own kind. However, they made an exception in this case! JoJo clearly enjoyed spending time with Alan and even started to take care of her new friend.


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Although it’s not the best scenario and we don’t promote it, Alan is safe and Jojo appears to have an affection for him. Hence, we concluded to keep them in each other’s company.

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Let me tell you the tale of how a monkey and a street cat became the best of friends. It’s a heartwarming story that spans many years.


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