The Surprising Connection Between Shaving and Your Cat’s Weight

She had a fierce expression on her face, as if she was objecting to a persistent claim that her weight gain was entirely caused by her hair. But now, without her furry coat, it was impossible to attribute her round figure to her formerly thick and beautiful fur.

After the shaving was done, a medley of emotions lingered in the atmosphere. The cat appeared to be angry yet embarrassed, almost as if she knew that her claim of being overweight due to her fur was not entirely true. However, there was also a sense of understanding, as though the cat acknowledged that her weight could be influenced by other reasons besides her hair.

Chú mèo úp mặt vào tường, hờn dỗi cả thế giới vì bị cạo lông làm đẹp - Ảnh 3.

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