“The Ultimate Retreat: A Spectacular Villa with a Breathtaking Terrace and Panoramic Vistas”

Greetings to Villa La Toca where modern meets luxury, featuring a stunning wrap-around terrace capturing breathtaking panoramic views. The property sits in an exclusive gated community with a vast 1,941 square metre plot enveloped by trees and a generous 529 square metre home. A whopping 390 square metres of terrace space surrounds the villa, hosting manicured lawns, a gorgeous 59 square metre swimming pool, and a dazzling sun deck that lights up after dark. The interior of this coveted five-bedroom villa is designed to maximize natural light and showcase sleek modern aesthetics.

The magnificent lit-up staircase envelops the exterior walls of the residence and winds its way through the trees, leading to the stunning expansive terraces.

The property is surrounded by glass balustrades that blend seamlessly into the landscape. A lush lawn and pool deck extend right to the edge, creating the illusion of being on the edge of a cliff.

Contemporary residential exteriors are now illuminated with light, giving them a lively and vibrant appearance. The interiors radiate a warm, golden glow that spills out onto the external steps, highlighting their every detail. Beautiful palm trees and shrubs are beautifully illuminated, creating an enchanting ambiance.

The upper deck has a unique feature that sets it apart – an outdoor conversation pit that forms a triangular shape.

A delightful outdoor staircase provides access to a beautiful grassy terrace that boasts an enchanting seating area nestled beside a serene pond.

By incorporating a two level pool design, the primary portion of the water can be positioned further away from the edge. This creates a space for a watery perimeter that runs right up to the edge of the main terrace.

The stairs connecting the primary living area of the house to the pool terrace were crafted to provide ample space for several sunloungers.

After the sun sets, these stairway resting areas transform into fantastic outdoor party seats.

A bold and eye-catching design is created by incorporating black treads into white concrete slabs. The contrast between the two colors creates a visually stunning effect.

The monochrome color scheme is consistent throughout the interior of the house as well. The white sofa is accentuated with bold black and white cushions for a striking effect. Adding to the contemporary feel is a sleek black chimney breast, from which a modern fireplace emits a warm glow.

In the midst of a sleek modern design, a coffee table made of rough-hewn wood adds a touch of earthy charm that gives a breath of fresh air.

In a similar fashion, the dining area boasts a gorgeous live edge wooden table that is matched with a group of elegant black and white dining chairs. To add to the visual appeal, a contemporary chandelier is installed to highlight the intricate cutouts on the tabletop.

Located on a raised platform, just behind the elegant dining area, stands a one-of-a-kind kitchen island that boasts a sleek and sharp black outline. The contemporary fruit bowl, designed in the shape of an open hand, stands out brilliantly against the dark countertop, providing a striking contrast with its pure white hue.

The island in the kitchen is adorned with groups of pendant lights to create a more prominent impact.

There’s a fancy golden room divider that separates the kitchen area from the hallway and the interior stairwell.

A group of Edison bulbs dangle gracefully along the dreamy staircase.

The basement’s lounge area is given a lift with the addition of green accents that take inspiration from the lush garden view visible through its patio doors. The space is further enhanced with outdoor artwork that adds a visual element of interest and intrigue.

The lounge area, adorned with fresh green accents, is a component of the games room that boasts a one-of-a-kind pool table and a card table.

The master bedroom suite is beautifully illuminated by the natural light that streams in, which is further enhanced by the white decor. The bed and accompanying bench at the end of it are both white and positioned against a mirrored wall that reflects the sun’s rays. This creates a stunning, sun-kissed view that completes the serene ambiance of the room.

The room is given a bold and striking look with the addition of built-in closets in black, complemented by black window frames and an eye-catching faux horse head mounted on the wall.

The master bedroom seamlessly flows into a spacious ensuite bathroom with an open concept layout.

On the left side, there’s a spacious walk-in wardrobe.

The bathroom is beautified with a sleek black double sink vanity that appears to be floating. The vanity is adorned with copper accents, which add a touch of luxury and elegance to the overall look. On the other side of the bathroom, a freestanding tub is placed that complements the black and copper elements of the vanity.

The first floor of the house has a total of three bedrooms, while there are two more located in the basement. The master bedroom stands out with its exquisite combination of light caramel and jet black tones. The room is beautifully illuminated by stunning pendant lights and a stylish floor lamp.

Every bedroom enjoys its own private outdoor area.

The games room in the basement now has additional seating options available outside.

The pool terrace is completed with a barbeque spot that features an outdoor dining set, making it the perfect space for entertaining.

On the upper level, the balcony of the main bedroom offers a stunning view of the terrace situated beneath it. Adjacent to it is a charming seating area featuring two outdoor chairs that are perfect for a romantic evening. The comfortable conversation pit is located close by, providing a cozy spot for intimate conversations.

As you sit at the table outside, you cannot help but admire the stunning architecture of this masterpiece. It resembles a contemporary village that gracefully ascends the hill.

Adding some greenery to the exterior of a contemporary home is a great way to spruce up its appearance. Planters can be used to achieve this and they come in a variety of styles to suit any taste. Whether you prefer a minimalist approach or one that’s more eclectic, there’s sure to be a planter that will complement your home’s design.

At the very end of the property, you’ll find a circular patio that perfectly mirrors the shape of the artificial pond.

The atmosphere is serene and relaxing with the clear blue skies overhead, a sparkling blue swimming pool, and comfortable outdoor sofas adorned with blue scatter cushions.

Even the lower levels of the house have a bright and cheerful atmosphere.

A creatively designed wall serves as a one-of-a-kind storage space for wine. The area is illuminated from behind to highlight the finest bottles, while additional ones are kept in a wooden rack below. A separate display case proudly presents the most exquisite wines in the collection.

The ambience of a spa is set with soft lighting, neatly folded towels, and an abundance of flickering candles.

The prominent signage of La Toca 10 instantly catches the eye with its impressive size.

The initial layout showcases a spacious master bedroom suite, complete with a luxurious ensuite bathroom and a sizable walk-in closet. Additionally, there is a massive terrace with a conversation pit that can be accessed from the bedroom. On this floor, we can also spot the two-car parking garage.

The first floor layout entails a primary gathering area, an elegant dining space, and an exceptional kitchen arrangement.

Check out the basement layout featuring a games room. You can also view the video tour for a more detailed look. Don’t forget to follow Home Designing on Youtube to keep up with our latest architecture and design videos.

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