Tiny Cries from Drainpipe Alert Rescuers Who Save a Life

They were able to rescue her just in time ❤️
During the late October period, the Kloof and Highway SPCA received an alert regarding a small creature that had gotten itself wedged. The previous night, Diwali celebrations filled the sky with fireworks, causing Pip, a jittery pup, to flee into an exposed drainpipe out of fear.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA played a crucial role in rescuing Pip, a missing puppy who was trapped in a pipe. Pip’s family heard her cries and attempted to coax her out, but their efforts were unsuccessful. The family spent the entire night trying to rescue her until they contacted Petros Simamane, an inspector from the Kloof and Highway SPCA, who came to their aid.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA had a rescue mission on their hands when Simamane discovered a stranded puppy stuck in a drain. Simamane realized he would need to cut the pipe and dig into the ground to release her. However, upon his return with the necessary tools, the puppy had gone further back into the drain, making the rescue attempt more challenging. The puppy’s movements were going backwards, and there was a steep drop within the pipe, making it impossible for her to climb up.

Simamane discovered that he needed a drain camera to locate the lost puppy. However, since he didn’t have access to this equipment, he decided to call upon the services of Ganga Plumbers, a local plumbing company. Rishi Haripersad, who had another job lined up, was the one who received the call from Simamane. Despite his busy schedule, Haripersad informed his management about the situation and received approval to help rescue the puppy. The director of the plumbing company decided to pause all work and assist in rescuing the stranded pup. Haripersad quickly used the drain camera and managed to locate Pip approximately 60 feet into the drain.

The SPCA in Kloof and Highway made a surprising discovery that the drainpipe had an alternate opening on the opposite side of a fence. This allowed them to start digging in that area.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA recently saved a puppy named Pip from a drain after hours of hard work by Simamane. The poor pup was covered in mud and completely worn out, but after receiving some TLC in the form of a warm bath, a meal, a vet checkup, and lots of cuddles, she began to perk up. After recovering at the shelter, Pip was finally able to return home to her family where she is now safe and sound.

The Kloof and Highway SPCA shared a heartwarming story about a pup named Pip who was rescued from a drainpipe. Haripersad, who assisted in the rescue, expressed his joy in being able to help the helpless pup. Pip has since recovered and is now a healthy, happy dog who has outgrown the drainpipe.

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