Tiny Homes: A Beautiful Blend of Space and Style

These two contemporary apartment designs are impressively designed to make the most out of their small 30 square metre size. Their interiors are sleek and stylish, with custom-made furniture that provides storage solutions while also visually enlarging the living spaces with mirrored and white finishes. Each apartment takes a unique approach to the bedroom layout, with one featuring a compact side design and the other utilizing a Murphy bed in the lounge area. The kitchens in both apartments feel surprisingly spacious and luxurious, thanks to added dining peninsulas and decorative touches. If you’re looking for inspiration for small-space design, check out the detailed floor plans included at the end of each tour.

In this tidy 28 square metre apartment located in Gdansk, Poland, pops of green bring life to the white living room. The space features an accent chair in a refreshing bottle green shade, complemented by mint artwork adorning the walls. Additional green accents come in the form of shelf inserts throughout the room.

The cabinets on the wall above the couch serve as a unifying factor between the living room and the adjacent kitchen. This cohesive link gives both sections a commanding presence in the room.

The storage elements in the room are all in a clean white finish, creating a cohesive look. This brightens up the space and makes it seem more open and airy. There is only one source of sunlight in the room, which is a balcony door, but an indoor plant near it is thriving.

Using mirrored doors can make your room appear larger than it actually is by creating the illusion of extended floor space.

By incorporating a linear suspension light, the small dining peninsula in the kitchen appears elongated. The wooden countertop adds a distinct touch to the dining area that sets it apart from the rest of the white installation.

The kitchen shelves are hidden behind white doors that blend in with the surroundings to keep the multipurpose room tidy when cooking is not taking place.

A set of open kitchen shelves arranged in a tower design is adorned with stylish green-framed bar stools, while an entranceway saturated in the same vibrant shade of green completes the look.

To create a more spacious feel in the dining area, the underside of the peninsula has been left exposed, allowing the flooring to continue seamlessly and creating an unbroken visual flow. This clever design trick helps to make the room appear larger and more open, without sacrificing any valuable storage or counter space.

As soon as we pass through the reflective door, we enter into the cozy confines of the bedroom.

Adding a touch of green to your bedroom workspace can help break up the monotonous white decor.

The wardrobe wall has bookshelves incorporated into its end, and these shelves have green accent handles running along them, creating a pleasant visual effect.

A radar cover in green color permits the escape of heat through its upper vents, enabling the bed to be pushed against the wall without any obstruction.

Transform your bedroom into a sleek and modern space with a multi-functional alarm clock and bedside lamp. This nifty gadget makes use of the solid side of your radar cover, serving as a convenient bedside table. And there’s more – it effortlessly merges into a slim green bookcase at one end, creating a seamless and stylish look. Say goodbye to cluttered bedside tables and hello to a clean and organized bedroom!

The room is designed with minimalist aesthetics, featuring a pale grey color scheme and contemporary perimeter lighting.

Introducing a solitary green vase into your living space can add a pop of color and enhance the overall aesthetic appeal of your home.

Let’s take a look at the layout of an apartment, shall we? First off, we’ve got the living room, which serves as a cozy space for kicking back and relaxing. Adjacent to that, we’ve got the kitchen, complete with all the necessary appliances for whipping up delicious meals. The bedroom is tucked away in the corner, offering a quiet escape from the hustle and bustle of daily life. And finally, we’ve got the bathroom, featuring a shower, sink, and toilet. Overall, this floor plan offers a great balance of comfort and practicality.

Join us on our upcoming tour of a cozy private home nestled in Moscow, Russia. The unique ambiance of this space is created by its snug furnishings, which are draped in rich brown and warm grey shades. The living room features glass walls on two sides that enclose a small sofa at its heart.

As night falls, a Murphy bed effortlessly transforms the space where the sofa once stood. The lounge side tables now serve as functional and stylish bedside cabinets.

The plush and thick rug is versatile enough to complement the comforting ambiance of the room, while also providing a gentle pathway between connected areas.

The lounge/bedroom combo has an enclosed balcony on the opposite side which features a single futon and a dressing table.

The kitchen design features a gentle curve in the shape of a C, allowing for seamless flow into the living area when the glass doors are opened.

The natural light in the narrow apartment is shared throughout the space by the glass partitions extending all the way to the back.

The wooden wall decor for the TV complements the upper cabinets in the kitchen, resulting in a unified and harmonious appearance.

The use of black frames around the doors in the apartment creates distinct boundaries even when the doors are closed, despite having transparent panels.

The contemporary bar stools in the mirrored hallway catch the eye with their sleek design. The black finish of the stools creates a perfect balance with the integrated oven across from them.

A pegboard wall is a great way to increase storage space and add more options for hanging items in your entryway.

A significant amount of closet space is cleverly concealed by the mirrored walls.

The upper kitchen cabinets have a convenient wine storage feature located at the end, which allows for effortless access from the dining peninsula.

A chic vanity stool in a shade of grey is the perfect match for the uniquely-crafted dressing table. To add an aesthetic touch, a bookshelf has been recessed beside the vanity mirror.

On the opposite end of the balcony that’s enclosed, a cozy futon adds warmth to the space with its burnt orange covering. To highlight the chair’s accent color, there’s a vase of orange flowers sitting nearby.

In home entryways, it’s common to use both decorative and practical shelves to add some variety to the storage area. For instance, combining sleek grey cabinets with attractive wood grain shelves can create a stylish and functional look.

You can enter the bathroom from the entryway of the apartment via a door that seamlessly blends into the grey walls which match the overall color scheme.

The apartment is illuminated by sleek black track lights that provide a warm and inviting ambiance.

The area behind the bathtub and shower is covered with tiles that look like wood, and they also extend over the wall that hides the toilet cistern. The use of gray concrete tiles adds a touch of coolness to the overall design.

The floor plan of the apartment effectively shows how the living areas are arranged in a straight line, while also highlighting the ample storage options available thanks to the discreet cabinetry.

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