Transforming Two Apartments into a Vibrant Home: A DIY Project

Bureau Slovo took on the challenge of combining two separate apartments into a single new home design project spanning 156.8 square metres. The central focus of the redesign was the extensive glazing that surrounds the property. As a result, wall decor was kept minimal and painted white. The furniture and textiles were used to introduce colour to the space, featuring warm coral, pale green, and hazy light blue hues. The furniture pieces are modern with trendy silhouettes and finishes, boasting curves, fluted texture, and swathes of wood grain. The kids’ room follows an equally stylish theme with unique accessories that create a fun and creative play area. Check out the floor plan at the end for a closer look.

The living room is full of natural light and boasts an array of unique and vibrant furniture pieces. These include a curved sofa in a soft green hue, a modern lounge chair with a bold design, a Hay Bowler side table, and a chic coffee table.

The stone coffee table in the living room gets a pop of color with the addition of a Muuto Kink vase in blue. The large windows are beautifully framed by warm floor-length drapes, creating a cozy atmosphere.

The living area boasts a beautiful herringbone floor made of wood that does not extend to the entryway. Instead, it is replaced with a sturdy white tile flooring that can withstand any foot traffic. To create a stylish dressing space by the front door, a trendy stool is placed in front of a custom-made full-length mirror.

The entryway is well-coordinated with a modern console table and a matching stool. Adding to the decoration are a round mirror and sconce on the wall, and a small flower vase that sits on top of the unit.

The living area is distinct from the kitchen through a partition wall featuring a rounded edge that doubles as a TV mount on either side. A dining room with a black racetrack table surrounded by plush and contrasting chairs completes the space.

A slim space has been carved out of the appealing divider to house a stunning display of shelves.

The chairs in the dining area perfectly match the coral shade of the kitchen cabinets, creating a cohesive and stylish look. Additionally, there is a backsplash wall that extends all the way up to the ceiling, featuring the same color scheme for a harmonious design.

Adding a carafe and some glass tumblers with a fluted texture can give your dining table a stylish touch that matches the textured base of the table.

The dining area is surrounded by an L-shaped kitchen that transitions from a coral hue to a pristine white. The seamless look is further enhanced by the integrated oven that blends in with the solid color-blocking effect.

The sleek and tall white appliance units are adorned by elegant arch-shaped glass doors on both of its sides.

As you enter through the glass doors, you step into a charming butler’s pantry painted in a soothing shade of pale blue. The pantry is equipped with sturdy base units, practical open shelves, and a conveniently placed sink for your everyday use.

The kid’s room of today is vibrant and lively, all thanks to the panoramic glazing that creates a spacious feel. The headboard wall, made from unique wood veneer, curves elegantly between two green wardrobes. The round wall art in the room is also lit up at the center, adding to the cheerful ambiance.

The kid’s room is adorned with a one-of-a-kind green seat that perfectly complements the wardrobes and a set of toy shelves. A coral rug and a Flowerpot ceiling lamp add a pop of brightness to the bed area.

The space for storing toys was built with the intention of making it effortless to take out, with the plan to exchange it with a study table as the child grows up.

In the children’s restroom, a versatile backsplash is created using matte porcelain tiles that come in varying sizes.

A charming smile-like drawer pull adorns the unique vanity unit that holds up a circular bathroom mirror.

The bathroom sink is one-of-a-kind and adds a playful touch, while the wall-mounted tap in white seamlessly blends in with the background.

A charming Eames bird sits perched on a stylish floating storage unit in my home office. The bird blends seamlessly into the decor, which includes two striking coral wall shelves that draw the eye.

The owner has positioned the desk by the window to enjoy the stunning cityscape.

The wooden and stone desk design is given a pop of color with the addition of a coral-colored desk lamp, while a cozy swivel chair in a shade of purple completes the look.

The dominant color of the master bedroom is green, as evidenced by the green bed that serves as the focal point of the room’s design.

Using a stylish mirror as wall decor can add a touch of elegance to your bedroom, especially when paired with a contemporary upholstered bed.

There are a variety of lighting options available that cater to different purposes and create varying moods. For instance, a bedroom pendant light with a matt varnished-fabric diffuses a warm and cosy light from the centre. LED pendants placed beside the bed can be adjusted to provide both warm and cool tones. Directional lamps offer focussed task lighting and recessed spotlights can be used to illuminate the corners of the room and eliminate any shadows.

Terrazzo skirting is used to highlight the unique, curved corners of a room.

As you push the revolving door, it leads you to a small closet with terracotta walls.

The dressing table is situated in a spot where one can enjoy another picturesque view of the city.

The refurbished apartment boasts three distinct bathrooms, each with its own unique style. The main bathroom has a simple yet elegant design, complete with a specially crafted shower screen in a soothing shade of green.

The room is anchored by a striking stone vanity that commands attention.

The restroom area disappears into the darkness.

The guest room exudes a breezy vibe with its light blue walls and ceiling, giving off a relaxed atmosphere. To add to the coziness, a patchwork patterned rug was placed on the bedroom floor.

The floating console unit blends seamlessly with the soft blue hues of the walls.

Incorporating shades of blue into the design of the guest bathroom’s WC area creates a peaceful and serene atmosphere. Meanwhile, the other section of the bathroom featuring a contemporary pedestal sink remains colorless.

There’s a hidden entrance that takes you to the laundry area, which then leads right into the pantry.

The restroom is situated at the end of a circular path that passes through various technical rooms, while the opposite end of the circuit houses the kitchen.

If necessary, the technical route offers the option to completely avoid the living area.

A floor plan is a drawing that shows the layout of a building from above. It typically includes the walls, doors, windows, and other structural features, as well as the placement of furniture and other items. Floor plans are commonly used by architects, builders, and interior designers to help visualize and plan a space before it is constructed or renovated. They can also be useful for homeowners who are considering remodeling or redecorating their homes, as they provide a clear picture of the current layout and potential changes.

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