“Unintentionally Hilarious: 35 Chunky Felines Oblivious to Their Enormous Proportions”

Our adoration for cats is boundless, regardless of their size or appearance. Recently, we discovered a thriving online community of nearly 13,000 cat enthusiasts on Reddit called ‘Illegally Big Cats,’ and we couldn’t resist sharing some of the most charming photos of oversized kitties we stumbled upon. However, it is crucial to remember that obesity is a severe health issue for cats, despite how cute it may seem. We must prioritize the well-being of these large felines, even though we may be tempted to shower them with affection. Although certain breeds, such as Maine Coons, are naturally larger, we must keep an eye on their weight. We spoke with PDSA Vet Nurse Nina Downing to gain insight into the negative effects of excess weight on a cat’s health. After admiring these magnificent cat photos, don’t forget to check out our polar opposite piece on the ‘Illegally Smol Cats’ subreddit.

#1 The Humongous Cat

Big Boy

Magnas, an iconic persona, was renowned for his exceptional abilities.

Magnas The Great

Reminiscing about My Dad and the Enormous Aragon

PDSA Vet Nurse Downing has pointed out that certain breeds of cats, such as Maine Coons, may inherit health issues like heart disease from their parents. In order to avoid these problems from getting worse or occurring early on in life, it is important to ensure that your cat stays healthy by feeding them a balanced diet and encouraging them to exercise regularly. Overfeeding and being overweight can make existing health conditions worse and increase the likelihood of developing various ailments – just like in humans. Downing stressed that carrying excess weight places additional pressure on joints, puts organs under increased strain, and can impact the normal functioning of the body.

Help! He Is Growing Up Way Too Fast

As you’ve asked, let’s examine Einstein The Polydactyl Chonk and see how he compares to a human hand!

As Requested, A Hand To Hand Comparison With Einstein The Polydactyl Chonk!

My goodness, that cat is incredibly huge!

Thats A Very Big Cat

Cats that are carrying extra pounds are more prone to health problems such as diabetes, liver disease, bladder issues, cancer, arthritis, and breathing difficulties. It’s essential to keep in mind that if your cat’s health declines, it could lead to additional complications due to its weakened condition. When a cat is overweight, it can reduce its daily activities, causing it to be lethargic, sleep more, and lose interest in its surroundings. This behavior is not typical for cats since they are energetic and alert animals. Vet Nurse Downing recommends keeping an eye on your cat’s progress and behavior, understanding that they nap frequently but should remain active when awake. Also, there are five significant big cats worldwide: the leopard, lion, tiger, cheetah, and the Maine Coon, which is famously known as “Fuzzy.”

5 Big Cats Of The World...leopard, Lion, Tiger, Cheetah, Fuzzy The Maine Coon

“Illegally Soft”

Illegally Fluffy

Ranking at number 9 on our list is “The Colossal Dude”.

Big Boye

An investigation by Bored Panda delved into the reasons why pet owners tend to overfeed their furry companions. According to Vet Nurse Downing, the emotional connection between the owner and their cat is responsible for this behavior. Downing explained that the desire to nurture our loved ones can manifest in different ways, including feeding them, which applies to pets as well. Based on her experience at weight clinics, she has observed some owners overfeeding their rescue cats to compensate for neglect in their previous homes. Moreover, some owners give in to excessive feeding because their felines keep asking for food, and they cannot bear to see them upset. While these responses are understandable, Downing emphasizes the need to change our mindset and not view food as the only way to express love. Although pets require food, it’s essential to understand that feeding should meet their nutritional needs for their overall health and wellbeing. Lastly, the article includes a picture of a large cat.

This Cat Is Huge!!!

Ajax, my beloved and mischievous pet, has been a source of immense happiness in my life. Despite his unique size, which some may consider legally questionable, he possesses an adorable personality that instantly captivates everyone he meets.

The moment I laid eyes on Ajax, I knew he was meant to be mine. His deep brown eyes spoke volumes of affection, and I couldn’t resist his charm, even though he was much larger than the usual pet. However, as he grew bigger, some people began to question the legality of keeping such an oversized pet. Nevertheless, I refused to let their opinions get in the way of my love for Ajax. He was my faithful companion, and nothing could change that.

Ajax’s agility and playfulness contradict his large size. Although he has a tendency to knock over my belongings with his massive paws, he always compensates for it with his silly antics and warm cuddles. He is truly a blessing in my life, and I cannot imagine my days without him by my side.

In summary, Ajax may not conform to the standard norms for a pet, but his lovable personality and endearing presence make up for it. He brings me endless comfort and joy, and I treasure every moment I spend with him.

My Illegally Big Boy Ajax

In my opinion, this article holds significance for our group.

Thought This Belonged Here

Downing warns that overfeeding our furry friends can have adverse effects on their health and longevity. Moreover, pet parents may not even realize their pets’ weight issues due to constant exposure. Rather than expressing love solely through food, there are other ways to show affection towards our feline companions. One approach is to do some research on suitable cat food portions and use scales to accurately measure them. Another option is to divide the food into multiple bowls and place them around the house or consider using puzzle feeders. However, spending quality time playing with cats is an excellent way to provide mental stimulation and physical activity, leading to a healthy lifestyle. Pet owners must give priority to playtime and cuddles over treats and extra food to prevent weight gain and related health concerns. If you need further guidance on cat care, you can visit the PDSA website.

Does My Winter Coat Make Me Look Chonk?

The moniker “Buba” is associated with the numeral 14.




There’s a subreddit called ‘Illegally Big Cats’ that has a unique focus on showcasing cats that are “somewhat big (or fat)” but not “morbidly obese”. The community does not promote feline obesity, but rather highlights how majestic these fluffy felines can look despite their weight. However, only pictures of overweight cats on a diet are allowed. It’s worth noting that this community is exclusively for cats, and the moderators do not permit pictures of dogs. In this post, you’ll find two furry feline friends named Zach and Marty.

Meet Zach And Marty

Although Fat Jack may not be the smallest individual, there is a certain level of sophistication and charm exuded by him.

He May Be Huge, But Fat Jack Is One Suave Lookin

Finally, I was able to snap a photo that truly captures the immense size of my parents’ cat.

Finally Got A Photo Showing How Huge My Parents Cat Is

During a previous interview, I had the opportunity to chat with Dr. Ernie Ward, the founder of the Association for Pet Obesity Prevention, about cat health and ways to ensure our feline friends are happy and healthy. According to Dr. Ward, obesity is a significant concern that poses a threat to cats’ overall health, and it’s not just about having a few extra pounds. It’s a ticking time bomb that can lead to severe diseases like high blood pressure, kidney disease, diabetes, and even cancer. Not only does obesity shorten a cat’s life expectancy, but it also negatively impacts their quality of life, which means it’s crucial to help cats who struggle with this issue. In other news, it’s amazing how quickly “Handsome Boy” is growing up!

Handsome Boy Is Getting Big!!

Title: Companions for Fun and Games
It is crucial for kids to have companions for their social development and growth. When children have friends to engage in different activities with, it can be a fun and memorable experience. Playing with other kids teaches children social skills such as working together, sharing, and compromising. Parents can encourage their children to invite friends over or arrange playdates with their peers to help build friendships. Playing with others not only develops socialization but also boosts kids’ emotional and mental well-being. It’s important to let your children have some fun and make some buddies!

Play Mates

His feline companion required a more spacious and elevated tree structure to satisfy its climbing needs.

He Needed A Plus Size Cat Tree Even

Dr. Ward emphasizes the importance of a cat’s diet in their weight loss journey, as it contributes to approximately 90 percent of the process, while physical activity accounts for only 10 percent. Therefore, it is crucial to avoid overfeeding your furry friend when managing their weight. To ensure that your cat gets the right amount of calories each day, Dr. Ward suggests consulting with a veterinarian to determine their ideal weight and calculate the necessary number of calories for each meal based on their Body Condition Score (BCS). On a separate note, I occasionally look after a Polydactyl Chonk cat who weighs around 25 lbs and has paws that are nearly as big as my hands!

The Polydactyl Chonk I Catsit Every So Often. He Weighs About 25 Lbs And Has Paws Almost As Big As My Hands!

Title: Adventure in the Wilderness with Chip!
Chip couldn’t resist the allure of the great outdoors, so he ventured outside his usual surroundings to explore. With every step he took, the fresh air filled his lungs and the sounds of rustling leaves and chirping birds echoed in his ears. He took a deep breath and surveyed his surroundings, taking in the beauty of nature that surrounded him. The trees stretched towards the sky, their branches swaying gently in the breeze, while the grass beneath his feet felt soft and velvety. The sun peeking through the clouds made everything look magical, and it seemed like a whole new world awaited him.

Chip set off on a journey to explore more and was excited by every step. As he walked, he stumbled upon a babbling brook and bent down to take a sip. The water tasted sweet, like honey, and he felt refreshed. Further down the path, he encountered a group of friendly rabbits that hopped around him and played. He laughed at their playful antics and felt happy to be surrounded by nature’s beauty.

Chip felt like he had discovered a whole new world outside, and he couldn’t wait to explore more. The adventure had just begun, and he knew there was so much more to discover.

Chip Exploring Outside!

The thought of my rescued fluffy boy fills me with bliss every time. He came into my life in a time of need, and I’m thankful for every moment we spend together. His fur is thick and soft, and I adore running my fingers through it. His eyes are the sweetest, and they light up when he sees me approaching him.

The day I saw him at the shelter, it was love at first sight. He was hesitant initially, but he quickly warmed up to me, and I knew he was meant to be my companion. As soon as he came home with me, he made himself comfortable, and it was evident that he had found his forever home.

He’s brought so much joy and happiness to my life, and I can’t imagine a day without him. I cherish all the memories we’ve shared, and I look forward to creating many more. Every day, I remind myself how fortunate I am to have him by my side.

My Big Floofy Rescue Boy!

A professional in pet healthcare strongly suggests that cat owners should measure their cats’ food using a kitchen scale. Studies have shown that using a measuring cup may not be accurate enough for weight loss purposes. Even providing ten extra kibbles a day can result in a pound of weight gain in a year, making it necessary to weigh the food to ensure a healthy weight. Although it may seem time-consuming, using a kitchen scale takes no longer than using a measuring cup. Moreover, it is essential to work with a veterinarian to adjust the diet or calorie intake every three months if the cat fails to lose weight. Additionally, the author expresses affection for their 25-pound cat, Daemon, who is a cross between Maine Coon and Turkish Van breeds and sleeps with them every night.

My Extremely Loving 25 Lb Ball Of Fluff, Daemon Is Ready For His Audition For The New Icon =) He's Part Maine Coon And Part Turkish Van So He's A Huge Boy. As Big As My Torso. He's So Sweet And Loving And Sleeps With Me Every Night. I Love My Sweet Boy

Wow, I can’t believe it!

Oh Lawd

Introducing the largest cat in New York City, and perhaps even the whole planet, with a massive 28-pound weight.

The Largest Cat In NYC, And Possibly The World, 28 Lb

Dr. Ward cautions pet owners against the common mistake of feeding their cats the same food for extended periods of time without any noticeable weight loss. Despite being prescribed a diet by their vet, many pet parents fail to achieve results and remain complacent. However, losing weight is not an easy feat and requires consistent monitoring and experimentation with different methods. When it comes to exercise, Dr. Ward recommends three 5-minute play sessions per day using household items such as a laser pointer, feather duster or cardboard box. Even if your cat is not particularly active, they can still be coaxed with treats to get moving.

He's Huge And Lazy But When Treats Are Involved, This Big Guy'll Do Anything

I was caught red-handed while trying to clean up the mess.

Was Caught During Grooming Sesh

I am fortunate to have a furry friend who loves to snooze away for hours on end, much like a wild tiger. My feline companion weighs a solid 8 kilograms and is affectionately referred to as my little sleeping tiger. What’s truly amazing is how much time she spends napping, whether it’s curled up on the couch or stretched out on the bed. Observing her tranquil slumber is genuinely soothing, and I often find myself gravitating towards her for a quick snuggle. Despite her size, she manages to find the tiniest spots to curl up in, making her the perfect snuggle buddy. The moments I get to spend with my slumbering little feline are incredibly special to me, and I am grateful for the happiness she brings into my life.

My Little Sleeping Tiger (8 Kg)

One of the best ways to ensure the health and happiness of your cat is through providing them with environmental enrichment and exercise. Utilizing “hunter feeders” and food puzzles can help stimulate your cat’s natural predator instincts, while providing them with vertical surfaces, climbing towers, and perches can encourage them to climb and play. With a vet-supervised weight loss program, cats can safely lose 1 to 3 percent of their body weight each month, with a target weight loss of around half a pound per month for most cats. However, it’s crucial to work closely with your veterinarian to avoid any dangerous health complications caused by sudden weight loss or underfeeding. As a cat owner, what do you do to keep your furry friend healthy and in shape? Share your tips and favorite feline photos in the comments below!

Took A Quick Break From Work To Rest My Back And This Happened. It Was Really Hard To Get Back Up To Finish Work

During my leisure hours, I dedicate myself to volunteering at the local cat cafe near my college campus. The place houses numerous adorable furballs, among which one particular Maine Coon, Marijke, affectionately known as Meep, holds a special place in our hearts. Ever since her kitten days, she has had a carrier pouch as her constant companion. Although she’s now all grown up, we still take pleasure in pampering her with cozy rides in her pouch.

I Volunteer At The Cat Cafe In My Uni City. Our Maine Coon (Marijke, Or Meep For Short) Has Been Walked Around In This Pouch Since She Was A Tiny Kitten - Though She Is A Wee Bit Bigger Than She Was A Few Years Ago!

The ideal blend of 30% fatty goodness and 70% adorable charm.

30% Fat 70% Cuteness

This cat is undeniably quite chunky.

This Cat Do Be Thicc Tho

Charlie Fats found himself in a difficult and complex predicament when he became trapped and unable to move.

The inspiring story of a cat’s battle against a deadly snake has captured the hearts and minds of many. Despite being caught in the predator’s coils, the feline refused to back down or give up. Its determination shone brightly as it fought for its life. The snake’s grip tightened around the cat’s leg, pushing it to its limits. Nevertheless, the cat persevered, using its claws and scratches to weaken the snake’s hold and break free. Although the struggle was long and difficult, the cat remained unbroken in spirit. Eventually, after what seemed like an eternity, the cat emerged victorious.

This tale of courage and resilience is a powerful reminder that even the smallest and most vulnerable creatures can possess remarkable strength and determination. Moreover, the cat’s battle against the snake also offers valuable lessons for us all. We all face challenges and obstacles in life that threaten to overwhelm us. However, by summoning the same spirit of resilience and determination as the cat, we too can overcome any obstacle that comes our way. Whether human or animal, the indomitable force of the human and animal spirit can rise above even the toughest of trials.

In summary, the story of the cat’s fight against the snake is a tale of hope and triumph. It serves as a reminder that we can always find a way to rise above adversity and emerge victorious.

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