“Unleash Your Inner Fairy Tale Enthusiast: Marvel at the Alluring House Adorned with Climbing Vines”

The practical design of the house aims to reduce radiation and regulate sunlight filtration.


This lovely dwelling boasts a gently sloping architecture and is enveloped by verdant gardens that add to its serene appeal. Situated at the highest point of the land, the house comprises two levels that command breathtaking vistas of the hillsides. The first and second floors are ingeniously designed as stacked boxes with solid gaps that are cleverly interwoven to facilitate efficient ventilation and illuminate every nook and cranny with ample natural light, making it an idyllic abode.

Ngắm ngôi nhà đẹp như cổ tích nhờ dùng dây leo làm mặt tiền - Ảnh 3.

The space is given a sense of depth by the many voids that the perspectives penetrate through. The mezzanine, which serves as a terrace, connects the view from the hillside to the house and vice versa, and is created due to the height difference between the basement and first floor. By extending the second floor above the block of the first floor and mezzanine, the house can control the angles of the sun and create a shaded area around the lower floor.

Ngắm ngôi nhà đẹp như cổ tích nhờ dùng dây leo làm mặt tiền - Ảnh 6.

maintain a comfortable temperature. This is due to the shading effect of the upper floor on the lower mezzanine level, which helps regulate the flow of air and keep the space cooler during hot weather. The strategic design of this buffer zone is an example of how architecture can enhance the functionality and comfort of a living space.

Ngắm ngôi nhà đẹp như cổ tích nhờ dùng dây leo làm mặt tiền - Ảnh 7.

The house is designed to dedicate half of its space to an open area, allowing easy access to nature while the other half serves as essential living quarters for the occupants. From the first level to the second, the spaces are interconnected with stairs, corridors, and terraces encircling the home’s interior. The vast emptiness encourages air circulation that cools the house and provides panoramic views of the surrounding hillsides. Upon arrival, one is immediately immersed in tropical nature, thanks to the façade and green corridor. The walls of the house are adorned with green vines, allowing sunlight to penetrate the space while maintaining privacy. Additionally, the design seeks to minimize radiation and filter light to create a comfortable living space. The structure is composed of a steel frame with xingfa aluminum doors, lightweight concrete facades, and covered in vines for aesthetic purposes. The house’s design aims to establish an indefinite boundary, promoting a balanced connection between nature and its occupants.

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