“Unstoppable Mother’s Effort to Rescue Her Trapped Loved Ones”

There were these curious stray kittens who found themselves in a tricky and dangerous situation – they got stuck in some very sticky glue traps. Even though their mom tried her best to help, she couldn’t do much about it. Luckily, an observant employee heard some noises that sounded like seagull calls, which led to the discovery of the trapped kittens. The glue traps were meant for catching rats, but instead, they ended up trapping these innocent felines.

My mother had tried her utmost, but the current scenario left her feeling powerless. Although she was able to pacify one kitten, the remaining trio was trapped separately, and the adhesive had caused the three fluffy balls of fur to combine into a bigger cluster.
If they didn’t receive any aid, they would remain stuck together indefinitely.

The kittens were rescued by a kind-hearted person who carefully cut around each one to avoid causing harm. The furry creatures were covered in glue and the rescuer tried to clean them up with soap at the sink, but it was a difficult task.

According to the man, the cats were clinging onto each other like velcro. Regrettably, upon arrival, they discovered that the mother cat had escaped. Nevertheless, AAUpR volunteers have generously offered their assistance in capturing her and getting her spayed. Luckily, the establishment that had set up the traps has taken them down.

As per the recent Facebook post by the rescuers, they expressed their joy by stating that the rescued animals are now much better and have a healthy appetite. The four animals are currently in foster care and three of them are doing exceptionally well. However, one of them is lagging behind, but with an experienced foster, they are hopeful that it will start improving soon. The Operations Manager at AAUpR, Kim Kay, shared this update.

As soon as the little felines reach a more mature age, they will be made available for adoption. It was a collective effort of several people who helped in the rehabilitation of these cute kittens.

To contribute to cat rescue efforts, individuals went to the “Donate to Cat Rescue” page and specified “The Sticky Kitties” as their reason for donating. If you enjoyed this article, please share it with other feline enthusiasts.

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