“Upside-Down Cat Found: Owner’s Search Ends with a Funny Twist”

Amidst the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, outdoor activities have been scrapped, forcing people to remain indoors. It’s no secret that social distancing can seem dull, but rest assured, you’re not alone in feeling that way. In fact, even pets are feeling the strain! Take for instance this particular cat who appears to be fed up with the whole lockdown situation. Despite pets typically enjoying cuddles and playtime with their owners indoors, this cat has opted to spend some time outside instead.

If the feline hadn’t ventured outdoors and done something absolutely bizarre, this story would be rather unremarkable. Rick, the cat’s proprietor, took to Reddit to share a comical and peculiar experience he had while trying to locate his missing pet. He accompanied a snapshot of the discovery with a caption that read, “We couldn’t find our cat today, so we peered outside and…” As it turns out, the animal was found dangling off the branches of a tree in an utterly absurd manner, which resulted in the photograph becoming an overnight sensation.

In just a matter of 72 hours, the amusing cat caught the attention of 117,000 upvotes and received countless comments. It’s no surprise that people were curious about the safety of this feline. Rick swiftly followed up with another photo of his cat, Biter, accompanied by an update: “She fell (in a graceful manner), immediately after this was taken, but no need to fret – she’s perfectly okay!” Unfortunately, it seems that the playful cat was not too keen on being carried around. Nevertheless, we can all breathe a sigh of relief knowing that Biter is doing just fine.

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