“Whisker-loving Clan Takes in Unique Stray Kitten Found Abandoned on the Street, Spreading Joy and Warmth to All Involved”

A lone silver-coated kitten was discovered without any company. Fortunately, a kind-hearted cat adopted her and nurtured her as if she were her own. Mellissa, the founder of Tiny but Mighty Kitten Rescue located in Cornwall, Ontario, Canada, welcomed a stray feline into her care two months ago. After only a few weeks of foster care, the expectant mother gave birth to an adorable litter of kittens.

In the following weeks, Mellissa received a call regarding a lone kitten discovered on the side of the road. The tiny creature weighed a mere 82 grams but displayed remarkable liveliness and vocalization. It was clear that the kitten had been fending for herself, surviving through sheer determination. Recognizing the importance of a mother’s love in the life of an orphan, Mellissa quickly stepped in with an offer to assist. The plan was to introduce Janie, as the kitten was named, to June, the cat mother, once she was declared healthy.

The little kitty was born with a fever coat, a condition that happens when a mother cat experiences a high fever or stress while pregnant. As a newborn, Janie required constant care and attention, particularly because she couldn’t regulate her body temperature yet. She was kept in a warm incubator after feedings to keep her cozy. Watching her wave her small paws in contentment after a good meal was heartwarming. It’s amazing how quickly she grew – in just three days, she reached the 100-gram mark.

Mama June was drawn to the sound of meowing and noticed Mellissa feeding a kitten through a big window. She felt a strong urge to assist. Mellissa shared that Mama June kept crying while watching the kitten in the incubator. As time passed, Janie, as they named her, flourished and gained weight. Her coat started to show patches of dark hues, making it look distinct. Janie was a happy kitten who purred all the time and enjoyed belly rubs.

After two weeks, the cute and furry creature was introduced to her new mother. Upon hearing her little noises, Mama June rushed to her side and started grooming her thoroughly. Mellissa shared that once it was safe for them to meet, June instantly embraced Janie as her own.

Janie is accustomed to bottle-feeding and has never nursed on her new owner. However, she enjoys snuggling up with other kittens and her new mom for warmth and comfort. June had to spend a considerable amount of time licking and cleaning Janie before she could join them while the babies were nursing. It was an adorable moment that left everyone touched.

June’s litter of kittens had a standout member, Jasmine, who showed a strong affection for her little sister Janie. Despite being the most independent of the bunch, Jasmine was drawn to spending extra time with Janie, while the rest of the kittens were off causing mischief. Jasmine loves to lavish Janie with plenty of cuddles and licks.

According to Mellissa who spoke with Love Meow, Jasmine seems to have a closer bond with Janie than the other kittens even though they all seem to accept her. As soon as Janie’s eyes opened, she was excited to start exploring and playing with her siblings. She eagerly made her way towards Mellissa when she came into the room with a bottle, now that she could see where her food was coming from.

Janie is slightly younger than her foster siblings, but her personality makes up for her size. She independently learned how to use the litter box and tried to mimic the other kittens in everything they did. Mellissa shared that it was fulfilling to see Janie explore new toys for the first time with her new siblings.

Janie has recently turned four weeks old and has achieved a significant milestone of weighing one pound. She is observed to be learning how to eat like Mama June and is doing well in her foster care environment. As she grows older, Janie is becoming more active and able to keep up with her fellow kittens. However, when separated from her family or caregivers, Janie tends to cry until she finds them again.

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